5 Best Educational Apps To Train Your Brain

The human brain is amazing. Our brain must always be fit for learning. So it’s a vital necessity to be organized, educated and ready to study constantly. Сheck out five best educational apps to train your brain.


Duolingo language-learning app is one of the most popular and well-known tools for learning foreign languages. To become bilingual or even multilingual you merely need a desire, and a smartphone with Duolingo installed. This app is full of fun and will never remind you of boring lessons of a foreign language. It’s easy to use and needs only 5 to 20 minutes per day for studying. But if you will be consistent and purposeful, the results wouldn’t wait. Select a language you are interested in, do not miss these interesting classes, and soon you’ll succeed. 

Ready4 SAT

Ready4 SAT is a mobile test simulation, one of Ready4 series of test prep apps. The abbreviation SAT itself means Scholastic Assessment Test which is needed for college admission in the USA. The mobile app presents an adaptive learning system that accounts your strong and weak sides in studying and prepares a test built on your learning abilities. Ready4 SAT develops an individual examination program that is going to help you find the gaps in your knowledge. It also aims to give you test-taking tips whenever and wherever you use it on the smartphone. The final goal of the app is to help you reach your maximum potential on a test day.


To learn faster and to remember longer. This is the motto of the mobile educational platform Brainscape. The main idea is to use flashcards for learning. It considers as the most effective study system. Any user can create flashcards and share them with the others. By repeating information on flashcards with the needed frequency, you may increase your personal vocabulary with discovering new words and concepts. Apart from playing with the flashcards, Brainscape offers you different study modes, editing tools, and teacher dashboards. You can use it for free or widen its functions buying a premium version.


Mendeley is a free app for managing bibliographic information, which allows you to store and view research papers in PDF format, as well as to have a connection to the international network of scientists. You can search the journal articles the particular article on the topic directly on your smartphone or other devices. Scientists from different colleagues developed the Mendeley platform. Among users, there are other scientists, professors, teachers, and students. Even the most extensive set of documents turns into an easy-to-manage library. Mendeley allows to read and annotate content and to create citation and bibliography with thousands of styles available.


Quizlet is one of the most popular educational online services in the USA. 30 million students and teachers from 130 countries use it every month. It started as a simple learning tool but has become a considerable platform for creating cards, testing knowledge, working with other students and much more. There are over 200 million educational modules on Quizlet, so you will find the one, that would correspond your requirements. The interface is straightforward, so you can quickly orientate in different topics with its flashcards and select the most useful ones.

To conclude we have to say that there are loads of educational applications which you can find in the web app stores. Try the recommended apps or make your own investigation and search the new ones. Always look for the better studying opportunities. And don't forget: all is good in your pursuit of knowledge.