Tetherball meaning
[teth -er-bawl]
Definitions of tetherball is:
  • noun tetherball
    a game for two persons, in which each player, standing on each side of a post from the top of which a ball is suspended by a cord, hits the ball with the hand or a paddle in a direction opposite to that in which the other player hits it, the object being to coil the cord completely around the post.
  • noun tetherball
    a ball game for two players that is played with two rackets and a ball that is attached to the top of a pole with string. The aim of the game is to wrap the string around the pole
  • noun tetherball
    a game played by two people who, using the hand or a paddle, hit from opposite directions at a ball hanging by a length of a cord from a pole: the object of the game is to make the cord coil completely around the pole